Why a Muslim guy like me would vote for Narendra Modi

I write this as an individual who happens to be Muslim, not as a representative of the Muslim community. My attempt here is to explain the “voice in my head” – the rationale behind voting for Modi. It could be interpreted as an act of selfishness (probably, it may well be one) but IMO it is keeping in mind that my act isn’t adversely affecting the lives of my fellow Indians. This is basically a gist of what I feel about the man and the hopes I have from him. These uncertain times have forced every Indian to make a choice – Maintain Status Quo or attempt to make our world better. I feel Modi is the only option we have to choose the latter.

Let us first begin with the contentious issues:


The allegation has time and again been dismissed by the courts and a SIT monitored by the Supreme Court. Enough has been debated on it & it’s important now the opposition relinquishes this matter and strive to rehabilitate the victims instead.


Why does one apologize? what is the motive behind it? An apology is only effective when you never repeat the mistakes of your past. There has not been a single riot (at-least nothing major) in Gujarat since 2002. If we put this in contrast with the Samajwadi Party who claims to help Muslims, there have been over 100 rioting incidents in a year in UP! Modi has let his actions speak for themselves and the Muslims of Gujarat are his witnesses. Critics cite his Gaurav Yatra speeches (he delivered after the 2002 riots) as a sign of hate mongering. Having gone through his speeches extensively, I realized that it was mostly aimed at leveraging the charged political atmosphere at the time. Every politician including Gandhiji has utilized the element of rhetoric to put his message across. If Modi had really given hate speeches, he would have been penalized under the law. I don’t recall the opposition at the time dragging Modi to courts…I don’t blame them because there wasn’t any case.


It’s actually a hilarious argument this. US has bombed nearly 30 countries since WW-II & their war crimes are no mystery. It’s obvious to me that Human Rights is not the issue, it’s the apprehension of having not able to bully/control a decisive/nationalist leader that sends a chill down their spines. Mr. Modi has no swiss bank accounts or hawala transactions unlike Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. How will the monopolists threaten/bribe him now?


It would be untruthful of me as a conscientious human being to not admit that the average Hindu is more liberal than an average Muslim. How are the lying/conniving skull cap wearing politicians better than Modi? What have they done for the Muslims? Do they look at the Muslims as Indians or aliens? Modi is the only politician I’ve seen in a long time who treats Indian Muslims as Indians. That is automatically implied in his statement “Secularism means India first”. Whatever his personal reason for not wearing a skull cap maybe (fair to say he’s not the classic liberal), he has certainly not denied the constitutional rights to any community & hence proven his secular credentials.


Some of the world’s leading economists like Arvind Panagariya, Jagdish Bhagwati, Bibek Debroy etc…don’t think so. Infact the planning commission of India & NSSO concur with them. Most importantly, the people of Gujarat would not have elected him 3 times if the development model was a hoax. This is by far the weakest argument Modi’s critics have raised time and again.


Even Mr. Modi must have regretted about his failure of handling the media. He’s certainly not the best person in the world to sugar coat, smooth talk & suck up to Media inquiries. This I believe is a rare quality nowadays. What good is a glib liberal talker? It’s far better to have an honest man attempting to make his point. So what if he ran away from the Karan Thapar show? Ram Jethmalani did it twice (and he is still the best/highest paid lawyer in the country). Who knows what Mr. Modi’s mental state must have been like at the time? After being compared to Hitler, called a “Maut ka Saudagar”, Fascist, Pogromist etc…for more than 7 years!!! The anguish would have driven a person like me to insanity perhaps.


Modi did make use of APCO & a dedicated IT team who were driven by BJP’s ideology. That’s a fact. But someone please tell me how is that unethical? If you have done something good for your community or society at large, is it evil to publicize your achievements? Some advertisements may go overboard…sure & they must be mocked/criticized.  The abusive internet trolls are not the ones making decisions for Modi & they’re certainly not the ones who made Modi the BJP PM Candidate. I believe Modi’s critics have acted as his greatest PR agents. They have managed to put him in the headlines all along.  It’s important we don’t trivialize the major issues by providing equal debating space to non sequiturs like trolling etc… The issue becomes a propaganda when we choose to ignore the facts of the matter & highlight the superficiality/inanities surrounding the matter. So what are the facts about Modi’s rise? Simple : His Governance track record of 3 terms.


The Alarmists all over have been able to propound this theory of “Modi creating a fascist state”…especially with the elections going on & with the desperate attempt to change the mind of the voter. Absurd comparisons to Nazi Germany must be treated with contempt.   It is an undisputed fact that no one can shred the secular fabric of our nation. Our history bares witness to the fact of how tolerant our society is/was. The major driving force behind all the communal divide that exists today is the Congress Party. From opposing UCC to innumerable riots/massacres at the hands of Congress leaders, the facade of “sainthood” should have been exposed way long back. Congress has carried forth the British policy of divide & rule…why do you think Rahul Gandhi says “Congress Ek Soch hai” ? This “Soch” has divided the people of this country, robbed us of our rich Historical legacy & most importantly halted the progress & growth of our people.

In recent times, a mere “hogwash” of a party has emerged. Aam Admi Party has no clear economic, defense, foreign etc… policies. I would not vote for them because they’re not organised & genuinely focused on rabble-rousing rather than governing our vast nation. To further elaborate my point, I would refer you to Sadanand Dhume’s article on AAP & Kejriwal.


My Expectations from the Man:

1) Decentralization of power & Small Govt (which he has mentioned very often)

2) Boosting the use of clean energy sources and reducing the dependence on Saudi Oil. (Gujarat is one of the leading states in Solar Energy production)

3) Revive the Manufacturing Sector & popularize/mainstream vocational/skilled jobs for Medium/Large Scale Industries.

4) Introduce umpteen reforms for Tax, Police, Judiciary, Real Estate Investments, FDI etc…deregulating fuel prices, curbing Fiscal & CADs, Privatizing & Disinvestments etc..

5) CBI Autonomy

6) Uniform Civil Code (or at-least weakening the influence of Sharia Law & WAKF Board)

7) Cybersecurity & Domestic defense production

8) A Pro Asia Centric Foreign Policy & increased participation in groups like BRICS, G20 etc…

9) Sanctioning covert ops/drone strikes in Jihadi training camps (especially PoK) & increased cooperation with Afghanistan to eradicate the Taliban

10) Section 377 is a stain on our democracy. I know it’s too much to ask of Mr. Modi, but please do consider.

These were some of the points I could remember for the moment. I truly hope Modi will begin to propagate the message of “Integral Humanism”…a definitive path for a right wing party this country needs for the moment.


I am not a Modi bhakt. I have been trolled by Modi followers for many years now. I will call out the imperfections in the man, when I come across them. But for the moment, Modi is the ONLY realistic option we have for this country. I’m not saying that you vote blindly for every BJP Candidate out there. Please check his background & track record. If you find any criminal cases, then vote for the most honest candidate in your area. In case you find a scenario where all the candidates are clean, I would suggest you vote for the man who will help Modi become the Prime Minister of this great nation.

Jai Hind.


PS: I wrote this article in a couple of hours. Please forgive me if you find any Grammatical errors, typing errors or spelling mistakes. Time & Proof reader are luxuries I don’t have 🙂


76 thoughts on “Why a Muslim guy like me would vote for Narendra Modi

  1. Dear Fellow Indian,
    I appreciate your views. Feel like hugging you for this post. It is only when all of us Indians think of betterment of our country, we shall be better off. Divide and rule is indeed what Congress has been following. First Hindus and Muslims then OBCs, SC, ST, Minorities, now Jain declared minority. ….is this really needed???? I feel Government needs to ensure equal right to quality education for all, rest let merit decide. Sorry to say but congress has failed miserably in doing so in 60 years of its rule. I EXPECT MODI to give us Indians that basic right. 2nd expectation from modi (apart from all what you have listed) Is to ensure NO INDUSTRIAL WASTE be drained in our rivers and Warter resources. We historically have been a vibrant civilisation because of these rivers and other natural resources. These must be protected. Our rivers and other Warter resources must be so clean that we could drink that Warter. Beautification of such resources can also generate economic opportunities of attracting higher tourist flow to our country. Eleminating Naxalites and bring them to main stream is the 3rd expectation. These things may take time but it is important to see progress towards these goals.

  2. Nearly fell off the chair, coming from a moslem and that too a Modi supporter saying he wants Uniform civil code! Great we need many million indians like you from this community steeped in ignorance and riddled with crime and violence lack of education etc

  3. The comments by other Muslims is illuminating.. It tells me that they will never vote for Modi and never get over their aversion to RSS. The trust deficit is too wide. Also, what it tell me is that ‘India first’ – they see it as a slogan coined to fool them. And it also tells me that 2002 is too personal for them. On the other hand they have congress who used them for a vote-bank. But what really gets me is that they know in their gut that Modi will develop and safegaurd India but their own identity politics is more important than that. As a secular Hindu – the lack of nationalism in Muslims is disappointing indeed. No one said Modi is perfect. Everyone just says that he is the only choice. And pragmatism will force him to choose the right policy for India. Also – Modi the individual has grown and developed since 2002. Muslims dont want to see/admit that.

  4. Hope Muslim get such leadership. Than not only the divide stop, but India with its 125 crs. people reach the pinnacle. Where politics of reservation,dole becomes past and together become wall against the devil of corruption which eats the wealth of the country and deprive the people.

  5. Sir, I deeply wish that all Indians think like you. Honest article with a strong patriotic punch. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Its perfectly written. However the community as a whole must be brought out into the real world. They have been frightened and scared into a corner by congress, and it’s allies. Only idiots or desperate people would believe that India can ever be a fascist state. There has been blood spilled since Independence over this issue, and Congress has managed to win banking on this fear. Modi has a golden chance to break that jinx and bring these people back to reality.

  7. You are an Indian first and then a Muslim. In matters of governance one should measure performance by deeds and not words. Modi has been an exception to the rule of Politicians only talking but not practicing. While they preach secularism, they identify you first as a Hindu or a Muslim or Brahmin or a Dalit or OBC or a Jain. Who divides India, Modi or Pseudo Secularists? Congratulations to my fellow Citizen who happens to be a Muslim Like another outstanding example Former President Abdul Kalam. He was not given second term because Sonia did not like him.

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