Self Reflection : Groping in the Dark. ~ by Ali Mirza

Temporal vicissitudes adorn,
life’s indelible impressions besiege,
At times all you do is scorn,
while the innerverse can only seethe.

Plunging horrors! A myriad of abysses delving within,
insuperable thunder birthing beams for absurd progressions,
The quest for substance! A mere tautological whim?
unbridled quandaries with seamless obsessions.

Hollow labels exemplify a self deceptive monstrosity,
an evidently delusional and chimerical existence,
But live on, oh Humankind! with a Sisyphean tenacity,
sectioning thy fellow beings while harboring indifference.


4 thoughts on “Self Reflection : Groping in the Dark. ~ by Ali Mirza

  1. Everytime I read you I know what my writing amiss….that clarity of thought mixed with that vocabulary of a professional. Once I used to write that way, you inspire me to write that way again.Your thought, your style and your words often leave me speechless…you so need to start writing more often…loved it πŸ™‚

    • i just went through your article regarding mr. modi that your kind of muslim youngster will vote for modi, i am architect from rajkot , having a very critical eye on every apects of the politics in gujarat i am avare about the happenings of gujarat and india nowadays.

      its sad when you say you will vote for modi based on just a media hype created by impotent media person for their economical goal, i request you to live in guajarat for a 2 years and understand the reality of muslim youngster here , all your idea about mr. modi will be brain washed and i dnt support extremist muslim ideology i am also a liberal as you are, growth is baseless here govt servant are used for spreading word for modi, education has been sold off, every second day muslim youngster dies mentally accepting the society here will not accept it . what media shows you is not a reality “kuchh din to guzariye guajarat me amitabh is right come and experience.

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