Head Ache

Numbly do I realize this grip of anxiety,
this emotionally drenched reign of reality.
In my heart, an unrest vague,
will somebody stop this dreadful headache?

The Axe of trust mutilated my humane self,
“to believe or not?”..a question I ask myself.
“Et tu Brute?” and so died Caesar,
Betrayal could never haunt a Loner!

Indifferent oaths with diffident croaks,
dubious morality and lies we no longer loathe!
Vows non-existent in the realm of our conscience.
like ashes, disbanded for irredeemable sustenance.

Time will take toll now this bitter pill I swallow,
what shall remain now is a man hollow.
Aye dear Soul! thou art set at the stake,
Give me a reason not to have this headache!


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