Dilemma of an Egotist

“A cluster of Fools”, a situation inept,
Amidst them all, gruesomely I have wept!
The thorns of incompetence overwhelm me,
Pandemonium unleashed! where do I flee?

Oblivion is the name of the game,
Slander and scorn untouched with excuses lame!
Guardians of sloth, the whole lot!
Have mercy for those unfortunate souls caught.

Battle of the Brawns…an event lauded here,
with brazen belligerence of the worst kind!
Chaos amplified, terror breathes near,
seeping horror and anguish most unkind.

“Vanity prevails!” a shriek so shattering, yet unheard,
reflecting myself warps me into a web of doubt,
“Am I like them? Am I the Victim? I ask…”
Alas…this feeling  makes me unnerved….


6 thoughts on “Dilemma of an Egotist

  1. Beautifully put .. I feel the same … suits the zeitgeist, probably none of us can escape vitriol ,decadence which human beings have slipped into . Music poetry and art comes to our rescue , words become our shield πŸ™‚

  2. Poetry/Music can be a constructive outlet of emotions. it's almost like therapy for the misery we accumulate as we go along with our lives.. Thanks alot for your kind comments!I'm glad you liked it.

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